Staff Story: How a chance meeting with a movie star drove home a crucial marketing principal

When I was in college, I selected cinema as one of my General ED courses.  I figured, watch some movies, rack up some college credit, worked for me.

One week, our professor screened “The Graduate.”  I was enthralled with the film and it was promptly given a spot on my all-time top 5.


I also developed a screen crush on Katherine Ross, the actress who played Elaine Robinson.

Fast-forward ten years, I was walking down the frozen foods section in a Malibu supermarket and I cross paths with, Katherine Ross.

For a moment, I was as frozen as the foods in the isle.

I propelled through my fear and began to speak.  I shared with Katherine my obsession with “The Graduate” and how the picture became my instant favorite in college.

The conversation had started off brilliantly, but I could notice her attention starting to trail off.  I realized, that I was throwing all my complements at the film, and not her individually.

Instantly, I changed my focus and shared with her how her performance enraptured me.  This change in direction made me her new leading man, for five more minutes!

In applying this to business, your customer is either your “star” or they’re not.

If your focus is off them, even a little, refocus!

-A story by Breakaway-er, Erik

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