Staff Story: A business card is the impression you leave behind

A few years back, long before I was a member of the Breakaway Press team, I was on a sales appointment for an office supply company I was employed with.

I was looking forward to the appointment for two reasons: it was an opportunity for a stellar business win and the office was nestled on a hill in Malibu and featured a view that made it hard to think about anything else.

My meeting was with a man who could have been cast as Don Draper.  He founded and operated three businesses from his secluded – almost secret – Malibu office.

I was prepped for the meeting, but that didn’t stop the adrenaline from sprinting through my legs as I trod lightly on the needle felt carpet.

He stood to greet me and handed me a business card.  I returned the favor by giving him one of mine.

The meeting wasn’t David vs. Goliath, instead, felt more like David meeting Goliath.  And that idea was personified in our business cards.

His card was letter pressed on classic crest cover.

In contrast, my business card was… cheap.

The owner of the company I worked for at the time figured, if you can get a thousand cards for $20, why not?

Upon seeing the futile piece of paper I was trying to pass off as a business card, he said “a business card is the impression you leave behind, spending a few more dollars on them is a great investment.”

From that day moving forward, my business cards have been first rate, no exceptions.

If you are not thrilled about the impression your business cards are making, call us!

Our designers and press operators will craft and produce a business card that will be a business relationship generator for you.

-A story by Breakaway-er, Erik

To learn more, click here:

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