Staff Story: The nosedive of an adult learning center

I am taking a Dreamweaver class at an adult learning center.  After completing the class, I will probably not use my Dreamweaver skills and then those lessons will more than likely migrate out of my own personal mental hard drive.

What will remain with me is a conversation I had with the marketing director of the school.

She shared with me a marketing mistake that almost shut their school down.

Semester after semester, they leveraged a class catalog that was mailed to all of their previous students as well as to everyone in town.

One semester, they had a brainstorming session about how to slice the budget.

On the chopping block was the catalog.

The powers-that-be figured, “we have a website and we can send emails, so we don’t need a course catalog.”

So, after making the cut, registration plummeted.

Facing a nightmare of empty classrooms, the school scrambled to create and email the catalog to their print vendor.

It went out a lot later than normal, but they salvaged their semester and learned a precious marketing lesson.

Companies with an integrated marketing approach win, companies that put all of their eggs in one basket, even if that basket is the web, lose.

For your next catalog, please, reach out to us.

We can design and craft a top quality catalog that will grab your prospect and make them hold onto it like their favorite novel.

-A story by Breakaway-er, Erik

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