Staff Story: Caring is Not a Cliché, it is the Core

Back in 2006, a friend of mine attended a conference in Santa Monica (aka Silicon beach), where the late Steve Jobs was a speaker.

After the conference, my friend strolled to the Loews Hotel bar for a drink.  As he was sipping his Heineken, he spotted Steve Jobs a couple of seats down.  Amazingly, Jobs was alone.

My friend figured that other people had spotted him and were in the process of psyching themselves up to approach the Apple founder.  So, he better get there first.

He did.

Since ratcheting up his courage to introduce himself required 100 percent of his focus and energy, he didn’t consider what he would actually say once nose-to-nose with the tech legend.

All he could muster was, “So, what makes Apple different?”

Probably a question Steve has fielded since the seventies.

To my friend’s disbelief, Jobs paused before answering.  My friend thought, “Wow, he’s not blowing me off with some stock answer, he’s going to think about it.”

Steve Jobs replied with, “We care.” He didn’t talk about design or usability principles.  He boiled it all down to “We care.”

In reflecting on Breakaway Press’ twenty five years, we could talk about all the techniques and technology we leverage to give our clients unsurpassed product quality and customer service.

But, when you refine it down to the core, what drives us to go the extra mile (and a half) is that we care. A lot.

Every member of the Breakaway Press team deeply cares about upholding our company values – those of caring about our customers and the orders they have trusted to us.

To learn more about who we are, visit us here.

-A story by Erik, Breaking Away since 2014

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