Celebrating 25 Years of Service: A Founder’s Reflection

Our intention and vision in creating Breakaway Press 25 years ago is hinted at in the name.

The concept of “breaking away” for us entails closely examining how we live and how we work… together. It was our vision to “break away” from conformity to some of the colder aspects of modern business and work life.

We wanted to create and foster an environment where the gap between work and the rest of life would be blurred, thus creating an overlap between these too often disparate parts of life. Our vision was, and remains, to create a place where all people are recognized as unique, gifted individuals with special qualities and talents. We envisioned a workplace driven by mutual support between all of our team members, as well as the extended community that reaches out into the world of customers, suppliers and vendors – and their families. We saw a place where our goals would be expressed and shared; blending our customers’ needs with our understanding and commitment to meet them – while pursuing the highest level of excellence. Both in communication and in production – that we can all share and grow through.

So, what happens in this Breakaway environment after 25 years?

So much challenging and rewarding experience – moving through and understanding our changing world, a rapidly changing industry, as well as customer needs changing – almost “mutating!” Good, intelligent, caring people comprise our growing Breakaway Press family. Remaining open to learning, growing, adapting and excelling.  The rewards come through seeing our company adapt to the evolving applications of graphics technology and the changing needs of our long-time and valued customers and friends; as well as our new friends and customers coming to rely on us more every day.

When you reach a milestone, like 25 years, you survey your path – past, present, and as much as one can, the future – grateful for the gifts that we have jointly been able to bring into our lives and renewing our commitment to continuing to rise to the occasion and respond with determination, resolve and excellence to all of the opportunities that are presented and created through our skillful implementation of what we have always known, what we’ve come to know, and what we continue to learn… together. Break away… and always circle back…

To learn more about us, visit our homepage.

To learn more about Marc, click here.

-A reflection by Marc, Breaking Away since 1990

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