Client Stories: Breakaway Press’ Contribution to Keep Filming in Los Angeles

We have a client, FilmLA, who has a unique mission.

They are a non-profit devoted to keeping film production in Los Angeles.

There are of course, a slew of studios in Los Angeles, but when it comes to going on location, many times, the filmmakers decide to film in a galaxy far, far away.

The end result: we don’t get to see those “star wagons” parked on the sidewalk and our local economy loses money.

FilmLA provides resources for producers of all levels to secure locations and navigate the tricky Los Angeles landscape, both physical and bureaucratic.

We are thrilled to be a supporting player for FilmLA and deliver for them over and over.

Any given week, the Breakaway team will create banners, brochures, mailers and postcards that FilmLA will leverage at trade-shows all across the United States.

FilmLA has the challenge of influencing the most powerful people in the entertainment industry.  That is why they put their trust in us to deliver products of the highest level of quality.

To learn more about FilmLA, visit their website!

To learn how Breakaway Press can help you, click here!

-A story by Erik, Breaking Away since 2014

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