Breakaway Tips: Grab Attention Through Quality

The Microsoft Corp. has just published a study which declares that the attention span of the Average American has drained down to eight seconds.

Maybe it stems from the frustration of having to endure Outlook?

All kidding aside, let others bicker over the cause.

What you must do is keep this statistic in mind when strategizing your marketing.

How can your direct mail piece compel your prospects from the very second their eye balls view it?

In that first line, how can you express the problem you are going to solve for the prospect?

Here’s my stab at it:

A bad printer can destroy your marketing. You can’t Photoshop yourself out of a disastrous printing job… after it’s been printed. Trust Breakaway Press with your printing and know the best team in printing will have your back from the first proof to final delivery.

That is the way you grab attention and hold it past that eight second mark and compel your prospect to take action.

Take a nine-second + peek at our services here!

-Tips by Erik, Breaking Away since 2014

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