Breakaway Tips: Consistency and Surprise

Every successful person I encounter, I secretly put them under a microscope and perform a case study on them.

I once worked with a saleswoman named Nancy, who was always at the top of the dean’s list.

She wasn’t a magnificent closer in the traditional sense.  Truthfully, she wasn’t a superb opener. Nor was she in the top tier at rapport building.

After putting her under surveillance, aka, ease dropping on her conversations, I gathered nothing but frustration in trying to crack the mystery.

I couldn’t get a beat on what the ingredients in her secret sauce was.

So… I humbled myself and asked her (probably what I should have done from the start).

She bestowed on me that she is consistent, but at the same time, she surprises her clients and prospects.

Nancy would send hand written notes on her stationary, birthday cards, postcards, even bumper stickers with the words “Nancy takes care of me.”

You must stay on your client’s and prospect’s radar.  But, if you’re the blip on the radar that stays in the same place, you become predictable, boring and forgotten.

At Breakaway, we have a vast arsenal of products you can leverage to stay constant, but at the same time surprise your client base and prospect roster with something fresh.

Want some ideas? Look at our list of “specialties” on our homepage!

-Tips by Erik, Breaking Away since 2014

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