Staff Story: Can’t Work on Beauty Alone

A few years ago, I began working with a new client. Her name was Norma; she was the Director of Marketing for a skin care company. Norma was frantic.

She had worked hard to get the title. After becoming the Director of Marketing, Norma wanted to surge the company R.O.I.

She rolled out a gorgeous new website, jazzy new marketing brochures and Norma visually reworked the postcard mailers.

Norma got results: horrible ones.

When I spoke with her on the phone, I could hear the tension in her voice. Norma felt like she had fumbled the ball and was about to be pulled from the game, or in other words, she was another bad sales day away from finding a pink slip on her new desk.

I performed an autopsy on her marketing efforts and discovered that even though she had the pretty wrapping, the complete package was missing.

Has your Graphic Design gone a little wild?
Has your Graphic Design gone a little wild?

Her marketing was drenched with marvelous graphics and stunning pictures.  What Norma failed to bring to the table was her company’s U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition).

Also, line for line, the “call to action” was completely absent.

Once I pointed this out to Norma, she rocketed into action.  She hired a gifted copywriter to team up with her brilliant graphic designer.

Instantly, the R.O.I. needle was thrust in the right direction.

At Breakaway Press, we are ready to get under the hood of your marketing.

We are delighted to help you make certain you have all the vital elements for success. 

Want to learn how? Contact us now to have a helpful Breakaway team member discuss with you how we can help!

-A story by Erik, Breaking Away since 2014

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