Staff Story: If Your Market is Everybody, Then Your Market is Nobody

I once worked with a small business C.E.O whose marketing looked like it had been hammered by a Texas tornado; it was all over the place.

There was nothing consistent to see or speak of.  His marketing was littered with random graphics and generic copy-writing.

His company’s sales began to recede.  His investors were thinking about pulling the plug.

Panicked, he needed someone to help him find the scattered puzzle pieces.

My first question to him was, “who is your target market?”

His response was “our target market is anyone who likes to have fun.”

It takes a lot to surprise me; after his response, I was stunned.

Once I prodded him with a series of questions, we figured out that he did in fact have a target market: males 21-35.

After that discovery, we crafted an all-encompassing marketing message that engaged males 21 to 35.

At Breakaway, we produce, but we also create.

We are thrilled to deliver your message to the market place.

But, if need be, our creative team is prepared to collaborate with you on who you are really attempting to reach, and how you are engaging them.

See some of our design services here!

-A story by Erik, Breaking Away since 2014

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