Staff Story: If You Can’t Advance Your Sales, Advance Your Relationships

One morning, an owner of a camera rental company, named Tony, reached out to me. He rented 16 and 35 MM cameras to independent film companies.

When he contacted me, his business was in danger of having a tragic ending.

Every month he struggled to rent his cameras. Him and his sales guy would hammer the phones, spam the computer and crank out a postcard mailing.

Every month was a tension filled drama which could have translated into a screenplay.

Like an M. Night Shyamalan film, I began searching for the plot twist that would reveal what was really happening.

I found that their cold calling was Oscar worthy. But, their follow up should have been placed in the bottom tier of Rotten Tomatoes.

After their marketing efforts generated a prospect, they would close the deal or never reach out to that company again.

For some reason, Tony never developed a sales pipeline.  He figured, if I am not able to sell this person, I will just move on to the next.

Part of that M.O. was solid. If a prospect’s buying temperature isn’t high enough to close, you should move on to the next, but not until you have advanced your rapport with the prospect whose not going to buy today.

I helped Tony develop a postcard campaign which targeted all the prospects that he had hyper-focused on and then completely ignored.

This added campaign birthed a pipeline of prospects which generated a steady stream of business.  For Tony, his roller-coaster sales ride was over.

At Breakaway Press, we are adept at helping you capture business in every stage of the sales cycle. Whether it be catching a prospects attention for the first time, or building rapport with a prospect who is going to need some TLC before they eventually come aboard.

Get in contact with us now to see what we can do for you!

-A story by Erik, Breaking Away since 2014

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