Staff Story: Why Digital Printing is a Marketer’s Best Friend

A few years back, I was working with a Director of Marketing named Troy.

In life, they say look before you leap. When developing a marketing campaign, Troy would get a magnifying glass and examine ten miles in every direction.

He produced a stack of research that would shame the Transamerica pyramid.

Troy would solicit advice from everyone from his C.E.O. to his Yoga instructor.

Troy’s gun-shy-like state was to the extreme.

But, his hesitation was understandable. A failed campaign can topple your career.

Many of the high-rent research experts are often as accurate as the local weather man.

How can you figure out what customers want?  You need to let them show you.

In creative writing classes, teachers beat the “show, don’t tell” drum.  Marketing teachers should be hitting that same note.

If you want real world results, it’s time to fling open the door and leave the cocoon of research and hypotheticals.

It’s time to do a split test.

In marketing terms, a split test is when you take two different ad campaigns for a product; mail them both to at least 250 different people each, 500 total. You sit back and watch the real world response come in.

Once you have the undisputed top performer, you can then commit to a 10,000 plus run.

And with digital printing technology, these tests can be done fast, cheap and efficiently.


Troy mercifully ended his marathon of research and let his customers show him which marketing message was the winner.

Here at Breakaway, we are ready to produce your split test or any short run that you need delivered – and always to the highest quality.

See our digital printing page to find out more!

-A story by Erik, Breaking Away since 2014

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