Staff Story: How Digital Printing Can Give You the Gift of Being More Personable

I worked with a marketing coordinator for a Trade College. Her name was Joy.

Joy would do a campaign and get results; prospective students would call, visit the college and enroll.

Rather than going to the bar to celebrate her moderate success, Joy wanted to raise the bar.

She reached out to me for strategy.

Her marketing message was striking the right note with some of her intended market, but not all.

We also discovered that people in her area identified heavily with the particular suburb they lived in and not as much with the big city.

When you are leveraging digital printing, you can tailor your message.

For instance, rather than sending out a 20,000 postcard mailer piece with the heading “Hello Angelinos,”  you can have:

5,000 that say “Hello people of Santa Monica.”

5,000 that say “Hello people of Studio City.”

5,000 that say “Hello people of Woodland Hills.”

5,000 that say “Hello people of Brentwood.”

The more personable, more than likely, the more profitable, and it is digital printing that will give you the ability to do this without demolishing your marketing budget.

With digital printing, Joy was able to afford the luxury of delivering multiple marketing messages and grew her school to the point where they had to purchase a larger campus!

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-A story by Erik, Breaking Away since 2014

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